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What to see nearby Villa Elodia

Villa Elodia is situated 4 km from the A4 motorway to Palmanova and fifteen minutes from the regional airport of Ronchi dei Legionari.
This location at the centre of Friuli makes the villa easily accessible from all directions, both domestic and foreign.
The most attractive sites and itineraries in the region are easily reachable from here.
The traveller can discover enchanting villages made of stone plunged in a lush countryside full of crops, proceed along roads crossing gentle hills, cultivated with vineyards and olive trees since ancient times.
He can stop in charming historic towns such as Palmanova, Aquileia, Grado, Cividale and Villa Manin a Passariano, discovering our artistic heritage born from the fruitful mixture of Latin, Germanic and Slavic people, a unique case in Europe.

The wine road of Aquileia
Palmanova, 4 km, the extraordinary nine-pointed star city, originally a Venetian fortress.
Aquileia, 20 km, city founded in the second century BC as a strategic Roman stronghold and a great trading centre.
Grado and its lagoon, 25 km, a medieval town now a major resort on the Adriatic sea.
Collio, 20 km, the gorgious hilly area where the best wineries are set.
Cividale, 20 km, city founded by Julius Caesar in 51 BC, full of ancient treasures from Lombard times.
Villa Manin a Passariano, 31 km, the palace of the last Doge of Venice.
Udine, a 20 km, precious city of Venetian influence, famous for its masterpieces by Tiepolo.
Trieste, 50 km, the gleaming capital of Friuli Venezia Giulia, famous for the beauty of its urban structure, palaces and museums.